Monday, June 16, 2014

Dark Chocolate: A Table Fable

Dark Chocolate: A Table Fable

by Marc Hays
A naked Crust once covered
In sourdough or wheat,
Post feasting had recovered,
And recently discovered
A friend who also suffered:
A Bone who once wore meat.
Through suppertime attrition
They’d more than feelings hurt.
Both needing a physician,
With leery-eyed suspicion
Beheld the competition:
The final course–Dessert.
She knew her mousse was fluffy
And chocolate tan was dark.
Her whipping cream was puffy;
She thought she was hot-stuffy.
To everyone rebuffy,
And friendly as a shark.
The Eater poised and ready
With spoon split silken skin.
His progress slow and steady,
Reloaded, cocked, and ready,
For Dee-ssert Armageddy,
Completely did her in.
So, Crust and Bone sat blinking
Without a disconcert.
Her ship–they watched it sinking;
Her beauty–watched it shrinking;
And right now they’re still thinking,
“She got her just dessert.”

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